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Raywell teams up with Dial An Exchange to increase offer for lodge owners

Raywell Hall Country Lodge Park is giving its lodge owners the chance to travel the world after becoming one of the first parks in East Yorkshire to team up with a holiday exchange organisation.

We have joined forces with Dial An Exchange, which has offices in 10 countries worldwide and offers a range of holiday opportunities to its 500,000 members.

Whether they are owner occupiers or run their lodge through our rental scheme, lodge owners can hand a week or more over to Dial An Exchange and pick a European holiday for £87, or an international destination for £99.

The investors receive a holiday for every week they give to Dial An Exchange and they have a three-year window to use it.

Alex Brown, businesses development manager at Dial An Exchange, said: “Our aim is to offer holiday property owners the chance to utilise their own holiday ownership as collateral in order to enjoy unbeatable value exchange holidays in other resorts and properties across the globe.

“To do this, we operate a ‘bank’ of weeks, where owners deposit their own week into our pool, and in return can exchange it for any other available week.

“At any one time, we have around 16,000 available exchange holidays, all from just £87 for the full week.

“Anyone who has a holiday property can be a member, whether it’s a lodge, time share, cottage or other.

“The benefit for Raywell customers is, if you are thinking about spending money on a holiday lodge, you are not just buying the lodge. You are also buying the opportunity to go around the world and it works on a week for a week basis.

“Raywell is really looking after its own and offering prospective buyers something extra. They are looking after them and their holiday needs.”

As soon as a new buyer invests, they can start enjoying holiday weeks through Dial An Exchange.

Alex said the partnership with Raywell Hall Country Lodge Park is positive for all involved.

He said: “With a world of holiday opportunities at their fingertips, the owner no longer owns just a lodge, but also a key to holidays of a lifetime.

“Dial An Exchange opens up so many opportunities and they can have their own unique login to our dedicated website, as well as award-winning customer service consultants during office hours.

“It’s brilliant to work with Raywell. Straight away, you can tell it’s a friendly environment and they are very open to thinking about what’s best for people on the park.

“That’s their number one concern and that comes across very strongly.”

David Coates, director at Raywell Hall Country Lodge Park, welcomed the partnership and said it opens up new travel opportunities for lodge owners.

He said: “Making sure we provide the best offering to our investors is absolutely paramount for us and we want to make sure we provide them with opportunities which best suit their needs.

“It gives us another string to our bow and increases what we can offer to our investors.

“Anyone who buys a lodge can sign up to Dial An Exchange and it’s a very good holiday-related option.

“Dial An Exchange is a company of significant repute and the system is run through their website, so it’s very clear for all involved.

“We are delighted to have them on board and have the scheme up and running.

“Within 24 hours of committing to the scheme, 40 per cent of availability had gone.”